Sunday hits the ‘pause’ button. From the 16th - 19th of January we'll be giving our sunny part of the world a little refresh. So get your passports ready. We have lots of exciting adventures ahead.

Face of Summer Campaign

Founded on the notion of freedom, SUNDAY SOMEWHERE remains as an accessible causal-luxury brand. With a focus on detail using only the highest quality manufacturing, we appeal to the new-generation of trend-setting consumers; the artists, the designers, the travellers, the musicians , the story-tellers and the fashionable types. You.  Our considered design approach results in an aesthetic of clean lines. Simplifying "traditional" eyewear and adding SUNDAY SOMEWHERE's signature details and quirks resulting in a fresh approach to what is beautiful - modern - timeless eyewear.  The "FACE OF SUMMER" is the perfect summer vibe created through iconic and relaxed imagery. Our Campaign was shot by Scott Lowe and Jellan Merlant-Pilonchery amongst the idyllic backdrops of Watego's Beach and Pineapple Cottage in Byron bay. 

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