In the hustle and bustle of everyday life it’s important to remember to take some time for a bit of self-care. Here at SUNDAY SOMEWHERE we’re all about hitting the esc key and taking a moment to recharge. Sometimes booking a one-way flight to a tropical destination is not always an option on a weeknight - however, here are our top tips to wind-down after a long day in the office.

Write it down – Before you start your rest and relaxing makesure to write everything down you need to remember for the next day to truly havea clear mind and be ready for a chill evening in


Put your phone on airplane mode – You may not be actuallyjumping on a flight but to avoid the rabbit hole of Instagram scrolling until 1am put your phone on airplane mode at least an hour before bed to avoid anytemptation


Make a brew - There is nothing better than kicking back witha large cup of tea after a frantic day. Grad your favourite novelty mug andbrew a delicious cup of relaxation tea, whether you’re a peppermint tea kind ofgal or a green tea goddess, any brew will do to help the unwinding process


Draw a bath – A spa night might not be an option but why notbring the spa to you. Draw a nice hot bath and pour in your favour smellingbubbles to relax in a steamy abyss

Read - A way to escape from the comfort of your own bed. Read a novel about a faraway city, flip through the latest issue of your favourite fashion magazine or skim a travel book to research your next dream destination. If you want some more reading material don’t forget to check out our latest issue of the SUNDAY SOMEWHERE paper now available online 

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