If you’re anything like us then your phone is never far away, entertainment at your fingertips. We’re constantly caught up in what others are doing and spend much of our day scrolling through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest until there is nothing left to see, so then we of course just start the cycle over again.

It’s easy to forget there’s a vast and beautiful world out there just waiting to be explored. Here at SUNDAY SOMEWHERE we believe hitting the esc key and taking a much-needed break from reality (just like our friend Vanessa Hudgens) however, sometimes it’s best to do that without your phone… We’ve come up with 5 things you can do instead of scrolling to help you enter that Sunday State of Mind.

1. Read a book – Reading a book is probably the cheapest way totravel to every corner of the globe and quickly escape from reality. If youneed some inspiration for a great book, we have you covered, check out our blogpost ‘5 Books to Read on Your Next Holiday’ for a few must reads.

2. Write a letter – Obviously we are in constant communicationwith our friends through our phones so, receiving a hand written letter is almostunheard of these days. Take some time to write out a cute card to a friend, it willbe unexpected and will sure to bring a smile to their face.

3. Learn something new – Take the time away from your phone toinvest in yourself and expand your portfolio of talents. It can be as simple asadding a new recipe to your repertoire or learning a new language to aid you onyour next adventure.

4. Journal – Instead of mindlessly writing a one-line tweet aboutsomething relevant in pop culture, take a few minutes to really check-in withyourself. Write down how you are feeling, your future goals, something you are gratefulfor or get your creative juices flowing and write a short story or doodle.

5. Go outside – Simple, everyone can do it. Put your phone downand get outside. Take a walk and appreciate the world around you and take inthe fresh air!