When choosing a frame, it’s important to know what your face shape is in order to pick the perfect and most flattering frame for you! 

To start the process of figuring out your face shape we suggest tying your hair back and pulling any hair off your forehead, so you are able to see your entire face. Next you’re going to need your handy tape measure to measure these four key parts of your face. 

Forehead Width – measuring across your forehead from hairline to hairline, making sure the tape measure is placed at the widest point. 

Cheekbone Width – starting at just past the outer corner of one eye, measure across the bridge of your nose to slightly past the outer corner of your other eye. The tape measure should sit just above the cheekbones in the same spot on each side of your head. 

Jawline – start at the base of your jaw (right underneath your ear) and run the tape measure along the edge of your jaw until you reach the middle of your chin. Take that measurement and multiply by 2 to get the full jawline measurement. 

Face Length – place the tip of the measuring tape at the middle of your hairline and measure downward until it reaches the tip of your chin. 

Now with these measurements in mind, what shape do your numbers align with?


The widest measurement for a Heart face shape will come from the forehead width, with the chin being more defined and narrower.


If you have an Oval face shape your face length measurement will be longer than your forehead width and your cheekbone width will be the widest part of your face.


A round face shape means you should have similar cheekbone width measurements with face length measurements. Your jawline line and forehead measurements should also be similar in length. 


Your measurements for forehead width, cheekbone width and jawline should be quite similar if you have a square face shape accompanied by very sharp, angular features.