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6:31pm. Sunset. Uluwatu.Thank you for your email.I am currently in paradise.And I’m not sure when I’ll be back.Maybe after breakfast, We lost track of time. Please leave your message in footprints on the white sand, Beneath some shady palm tree;Birds looming high above, the little dot that’s me.That’s where I am.Perfectly content to be completely off the radar. Nowhere on this earth I’d rather be.Here comes my escape. Here comes Sunday.  

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Sunday Somewhere X Insted We Smile

Introducing our debut collaboration with Internationally acclaimed contemporary menswear brand, INSTED WE SMILE.With 10 years of friendship in their back pocket, the two creative powerhouses took on a complete collaborative approach to conceptualise into the collection their shared vision - luxury meets surf.Luke surfed the world professionally for over ten years and peaked at number ten on the world rankings. In 2012 he launched his clothing label, Insted We Smile (IWS).Fusing both brand identities, the collection is aptly named “Let’s do it on a Sunday Insted”.

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Daydream Believers

7:20am. Sunrise. Sicily.Through our villa window,Hazy morning thoughts drift over uneven cobblestones, Passed white linen pegged to makeshift washing lines, Bergamot citrus groves in the distance.Out in the winding streets,A curiously unfamiliar outlook,An expectant appetite,And nothing but nothing but time.Here comes my daydream, Here comes Sunday.We are pupils of the daydream. Those who yield to curiosity.We are fortuitous journeymen. The makers of storiesthrough the richness in the people we meet and the places we explore. To us detail is infectious, a way to see, a practice on how to be.It's a state of mind.A SUNDAY, SOMEWHERE STATE OF MIND

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5:40am. Sunrise. Los Angeles.Take a minute, take a breath, Doesn’t the city of angelsLook perfectly heavenly right now?By the time you stir,The sun’s already up and pottering. There’s a brightness and a lightness, And an energy and warmthThat says ‘Come on, let’s get out there’Here comes the sun, Here comes Sunday.A state of mind,an escape of the present, an invitation to adventure. Fusing together an innate hunger for exploration with a desire to share a story – you arrive at a destination – this is ‘my SUNDAY SOMEWHERE’ presented in the Season 6 collection ‘Here Comes The Sun’

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Recognisable by the quality of product and integrity of the design, ‘Here Comes The Sun’ is identifiable as intrinsically SUNDAY SOMEWHERE. Evolving iconic styles, reinventing shapes, acetates and cutting it all back with textural contrasts ‘Here Comes The Sun’ is a lifestyle choice. Inspired by experiences and cultural icons, the collection is a game changer. Introducing intricate metal detailing in the Holly, a twist on the ‘cats eye’ found in the Brigitte and mixed acetates of electric blue, tortoiseshell and clear crystal saturating the collection.

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'Underwater Love' Season 5 SUN

This must be underwater love, The way I feel it slipping all over me. This must be underwater love, The way I feel it.  This is it. Underwater love. It is so deep, so beautifully liquid.  After the rain comes sun, After the sun comes rain again.  Follow me nowTo a place you only dreamt of, Before I came along.  When I first saw you, I was deep in clear blue water. The sun was shining, calling me to come and see you. I touched your soft skin and you jumped in with your eyes closed and a smile upon your face.  Smoke City Underwater Love. 

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'High Society' Season 4 SUN

Moody shadows, dappled sun. French bubbles, jazz for fun. Chandeliers, poolside glam. This time the wallflowers make a stand.

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Face of Summer Campaign

Founded on the notion of freedom, SUNDAY SOMEWHERE remains as an accessible causal-luxury brand. With a focus on detail using only the highest quality manufacturing, we appeal to the new-generation of trend-setting consumers; the artists, the designers, the travellers, the musicians , the story-tellers and the fashionable types. You.  Our considered design approach results in an aesthetic of clean lines. Simplifying "traditional" eyewear and adding SUNDAY SOMEWHERE's signature details and quirks resulting in a fresh approach to what is beautiful - modern - timeless eyewear.  The "FACE OF SUMMER" is the perfect summer vibe created through iconic and relaxed imagery. Our Campaign was shot by Scott Lowe and Jellan Merlant-Pilonchery amongst the idyllic backdrops of Watego's Beach and Pineapple Cottage in Byron bay. 

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'Made in Japan' Season One Optical

Our brand new optical collection MADE IN JAPAN carefully balances a sleek, modern aesthetic with technical precision. The result is expertly made frames, with just the right amount of edge. This is where function meets fashion. And then some. Designed in Australia and handcrafted in Japan using premium sourced materials, MADE IN JAPAN is jetset luxury meets understated cool. 

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