A Sunday Spent With Frankie

View of the ocean from Santorini Hotel, Greece

Waking up to white washed walls and bright clear blue skies, yes I am in Santorini, Greece!

Sunday started with my girlfriends and I walking down to the closest, of many, local cafes.  Already we were surrounded by quaint shops selling all sorts, mainly local handicrafts, bakeries, churches and many sleepy donkeys ha!  The sun was shining so bright, I could already feel its warmth on my skin.

White washed walls Santorini, Greence

After breakfast with our bellies full of feta cheese, bagels and coffee, we started off on our little adventure, camera in hand and a helmet in the other, ready for the quad bikes we were about to board and drive.  With 2 girls per bike, 5 bikes in total, it was safe to say the locals enjoyed watching these obvious tourists ride by, making regular pit-stops for petrol and map checks.  With the island breeze in our hair we explored so many breathtaking sites of Santorini that day.  Often putting on the brakes for a quick snap of the island at yet another amazing angle.  When we reached our destination, Santorini’s Red Beach, the site before us was amazing, so different in its uniqueness, incredible rock formations created by past volcanic eruptions, red pebbles at your feet and terracotta waters laying out before you, this was truly something you won’t see anywhere else!

Red Beach, Santorini Greece

Walking the streets at dusk in Santorini as the sun was setting, magic began to fill the air, I will never forget those sunsets.  The sky turned all shades or orange, yellow and pink and when fairy lights lit up, the whole island became illuminated in such a magical way.  We girls decided to make the most of the last bit of light for the day by popping up on our rooftop, taking in the breathtaking scenery, and try to hold onto that image forever.

Sun kissed balcony, Santorini

Sunset in Santorini, Greence

Sundays are meant for exploring the beauty that surrounds us, taking in a moment or two to absorb the abundance of magic that’s right before our very eyes. 
My next adventure to ‘Somewhere’ will be exploring the dusty pink streets of Marrakech, Morocoo…. a city full of colour, light and interesting people.  A photographers dream!

About Frankie...
Frankie is a Photographer, Model and former Olympic Synchronized Swimmer. Today Frankie spends her days shooting in front and behind the camera and also manages the Australian arm of entertainment syncronised swimming company Aqualillies. Yep, after spending years in a desk job she's now living her Sunday state of mind, everyday. 

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