Beyond the Whitewash
Luke Stedman

Luke Stedman, Beach Walk

Sure, Luke Stedman has saltwater in his blood. Fate (read: talent and hard work) would see him ranked 10th in the surfing world before his 34th year. With a feel for the curves of the board born into him, Luke grew up testing out boards shaped by his fathers own two hands - boards that were like brothers - Luke was on his way to fast becoming recognisable in the surf community.

Making noise on the scene, wading into the world of fashion would be Stedman’s destiny it would seem, as his lineage is not only legendary surfing and craftsmanship, but also that of an iconic Australian brand; Ugg.

Luke Stedman - Palm Beach

Unknowingly a fashion icon in the surf and the epitome of laid back – cool, Stedman was set to make waves elsewhere, launching contemporary lifestyle brand ‘Insted We Smile’ in 2012. “The ocean is brimming with energy, and is a constant place of inspiration – creatively or otherwise” Says Stedman, but by no means is Insted We Smile capped as a ‘surf label’. Modern in its design and captivating in its execution Stedman has developed a brand that curates a lifestyle. Carefully developing a line that best celebrates his personality – described as perfect for whoever has the courage to swim against the torrent.

It’s his foresight in building a lifestyle that aligns so organically with the SUNDAY SOMEWHERE state of mind. With 10 years of friendship in their back pocket, SUNDAY SOMEWHERE’s Creative Director Dave Allison found Stedman to be a seamless fit for a brand that is a nod to current trends, whilst also carving out a new niche in the eyewear market.

The two creative powerhouses took on a complete collaborative approach to conceptualise into the collection their shared vision – luxury meets surf. “Collaborating with someone I know who embodies the IWS mantra, that’s pretty unique, Dave and I are just on the same page. Says Stedman

Luke Stedman and Dave Allison in Palm Beach

With Dave’s technical finesse the backbone of the collection, Luke took to injecting his enviable aesthetic into the design of the frames. Mixing matte with gloss, metal inlay set against reflective lenses in horizon gold and seafoam blue, that embody the place he feels most at home – the ocean.

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Sunday Somewhere X Insted We Smile Colab Sunglasses

Sunday Somewhere X Insted We Smile Sunglasses