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Born to Travel. Why our hunger to explore cannot be quenched. 

For those of us who were born to travel the connection we have with the earth, it’s insatiable beauty, it’s places and its endless multitude of unexplored spaces will be the grandest, longest, most intense and all consuming love affair we will ever have in our lives.

Why is it that our hunger cannot be quenched? Why cannot we train ourselves to ‘be’ where we are and sit content in the beauty, exploration and opportunity that exists in the here and now.

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Travel is a liberation, perhaps even a rebellion of our repressed instincts.  The frameworks and teachings of a conventional ‘happy' life are perpetuated in discourses of marriage, children, work, home ownership, retirement and served up with lashings of self-help rhetoric around security, stability and superannuation. God forbid we go against the grain of the ’natural’ course of this life; the fear-mongering is relentless. 

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However, liberation from this is the ultimate freedom and for travellers the notion and experience of freedom is often the closest vehicle we have of living our authentic lives; for some that’s as essential as food and water.  Why?  Because when shackles to anything are removed, we have a heightened ability to connect further to our inner self with an awareness so strong it can feel like an explosion of ecstasy.  Travel ignites freedom and by being so completely absorbed in a place, in a moment, in an experience with no rules, no set conventions, where it is truly just us and the earth we are granted permission to feel it.  Really feel it.  That’s our life’s purpose and it is sublime.

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Our hunger to explore cannot be quenched because the time-line and direction of our life is not defined by convention and notions of what we ‘should’ be doing but by a compass we created long ago that we instinctively trust.  We are led and guided by this and our insatiable North Wind to places where the answers are unknown because we haven’t asked the questions. We just kind of know it will be okay.  Better than okay.  Because when we are travelling we are truly living and we are free.  And when we are free okay does not exist.

Only deep awe, elation and aliveness.

Take me again North Wind, I am yours.

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Text courtesy of Lou McGregor