Scents to Inspire Your Next Getaway

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As one of your 5 basic human senses, scent is the most powerful. Your sense of smell holds the key to unlock a whole book of memories that leads you to remember every little bit of that experience.

For us, the link between scent and memory can be mostly distinguished whilst travelling. The aroma of garden-fresh cherry blossoms carried through my morning walks in Kyoto. Eucalyptus, roses and figs evoke memories of feasting in Portugal, whilst sea salty air and remind me of home in Byron Bay.

Whether you’re looking to relive a beloved trip or to inspire your next adventure, there’s an aroma that can virtually take you there. Grab your match and light up a candle. Close your eyes - your getaway starts now.

For a road trip in the South of France, go for a Lavender based scent

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The fragrance of lavender evokes the uppermost quality fields in Provence. Each summer, lavender fills the area's fields, turning the entire region into a sea of purple. Light this flame and you’ll be strolling through those sweet-scented fields while you indulge into the plant’s calming properties.

For a meander through a Moroccan market, choose a mint scented aroma


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In Marrakesh's busy bazaars, traders pursue their customers with cups of sweet mint tea. This fresh scent recalls mornings spent sipping the delicious tea and shopping for colourful tapestries. Whilst evoking a sense of warmth, it also fills you with freshness.

For a drive through Havana, try notes of cardamom and mahogany

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Imagine golden, hazy afternoons evening through the heart of Havana, Cuba. A fragrance of mahogany, tangerines and cardamom will inspire an exuberating, earthy scent that will make us just want to get up onto our feet and dance.

For a romantic escape to Italy, pick the aroma of Jasmine

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Jasmine are such romantic flowers, the scent induces the memories of a love affair with the sensual city of Capri, Italy. Days of soaking up the Italian sunrays, enjoying a glass of wine with your other half on the balcony.

For a day along the coast of Maine, try a fragrance with sage

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Notes of sage or even pine or sea air brings to mind the rocky, tree cluttered coast of Maine. The charismatic villages filled with fisherman (which are only really accessible via boat) is a sailor’s dream in the spring.