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Camel with hat in Morocco

Maybe it's the stillness, the silence or the solitude. The freedom you feel under the desert skies or the wide open horizons stretching your mind. Whatever it is, the desert is a place that strips superficial stuff away. It’s the great giver of perspective and a place of transformation where a new clarity of vision emerges. A perfect setting for our next adventure under the sun. 

Join us in a behind the scenes look into the making of our latest campaign shoot.

Football pitch in Morocco

Behind the Scenes - Morocco photoshoot

Agafay Desert, nestled somewhere between Marrakech and the dramatic Atlas mountains is a rough, dry and red moon-like landscape. Cue La Pause, a peaceful and rustic eco resort set in a green oasis. With no electricity or internet your mind can focus on the stunning setting where meals are served under traditional Berber tents and
at night the place is illuminated with candles and fire pits.

Desert Tent, Morocco

Marrakech, prepare your senses. Marrakech's sights and sounds
are a sensory overload. The energy of the city will draw you in to explore its crowded souks, down endless labyrinth of narrow ochre dusted lanes, finally dropping you amid the mayhem that is
Jemaa el-Fna. It's a carnival every night. Stroll between snail vendors, fortune tellers, snake charmers and musicians to discover the old city's frenetic pulse. 

Palm Tree Walls, Morocco
Markets, Marrakesh Morocco
Riad Yasmin 
Your safe haven of peace, a timeless nest preserved from the bustle of the medina. 
Riad Yasmin, Marrakesh
La Pause 
A Berber desert retreat. There's a seductive and honest authenticity to this place but it's also faultlessly stylish.
Latitude 31
Sophisticated Medi-Moroccan fusion cuisine. The courtyard, filled with lemon trees, is a blissful place to have lunch.
A modern Moroccan restaurant with a rooftop area where you can enjoy panoramic views over the city and Atlas Mountains. 
For something more up-beat with live traditional music and belly dancers. 
Where to Eat, Morocco
Spend your dirhams at the souks
From handmade rugs and shoes to fragrant spices and perfumes, the souks of the Medina are a chaotic but mesmerising place. Try and stay calm and haggle to your heart’s content. 
Sip mint tea on a terrace overlooking the Djemaa el-Fna
Marrakech’s main square, as the sun sets and the night market sets up: the square comes alive with music, snake charmers and dancers, while the rich smells of spices and street foods drift up from the stalls.
Explore the mountains
The nearby Atlas Mountains can provide you with an unforgettable insight into how the Berber nomads live. Sleep under the stars, ride camels across the desert and eat food by the campfire. 
And relax… at a hammam
Marrakech can be a tiring and draining place, what better way to relax than being pampered? The hammam is an ancient method of cleansing, wherein you will scrubbed (with a loofah), sweating out any unwanted toxins, and coated with mud.
Finally a massive thank you to the entire production team. 
Photographer @byscottlowe
Stylist @bree.mcdonald 
Make Up Artist @this.june
Model @frankiewade
Model @laurarakmankidd
Model @ckwayie
Video Post Production @kinthings
Camel in desert Morocco