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Grace Santorini Hotel

7 of the Most Exotic Pools on Earth You Will Want to Dive Bomb Into 

No matter where you are in the world we can all appreciate the temptation of a bomb dive into the depths of a picturesque resort pool. If you’re in the southern hemisphere lusting for the heat waves of summer or in the north currently enjoying warm balmy nights and long days, the blue and green hues sparkling under the sun call to even the tamest of us. To celebrate wanderlust, chasing summer and the most exotic corners of the earth, here are 7 of the most tempting pools you’ll want to bomb dive right into.

Phum Baitang, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Picture this; eight acres of lush jungle and paddy fields hidden in the Cambodian countryside. You’ll be hard pressed leaving this breathtaking 50-metre infinity pool untouched and splash free. Phum Baitang has set the bar for all resorts and we guarantee you won’t be able to resist the urge to plunge into the green depths of this pool if you’re so lucky to visit.

The Sanchaya, Bintan Island, Indonesia

Channel your inner movie star by visiting the 19 villas and nine suites of The Sanchaya. This world-class, five-star luxury resort is Indonesia's best kept secret - until now. This little island is just off the coast of Singapore and the salt-water infinity pool offers panoramic views of the South China Sea. If that’s not enough to get your attention imagine being able to sunbake for hours on end in the luxurious shallow section ideal for the sun goddess in all of you.

La Bastide de Gordes, Provence, France

Not exactly an island luxe resort, but the La Bastide is worth visiting for its sweeping views of the lavender-studded countryside alone. If you’re into your history and fun in the sun, the 16th-century villa offers four pools. The one that caught our attention though is the pièce de résistance. It’s a beautiful 30-meter pool at the edge of the stunning terraced gardens that is flooding Pinterest feeds around the world. While it’s not quite the scene for your inner menace, good luck not causing havoc as you launch into this beauty.

Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc, Antibes

The five star hotel was a former villa, now the Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc is home to a pool that's carved into the natural rock of Cap d’Antibes. Boasting incredible views of the Mediterranean, the heated saltwater pool even has an overwater trapeze you can use to make your entrance into the ocean below. What’s more to love, is that you can enjoy this pool all year round.

The Cambrian, Adelboden

While infinity pools have become somewhat standard with every summer destination resort with a view, The Cambrian's alpine adaptation is must less expected and very welcomed. The spa features a hot pool that encourages après-ski relaxation without sacrificing your time outdoors. We’re not sure you’ll be bomb diving into this one, but it’d be a great story if you did.

Grace Santorini Hotel

The Grace Santorini Hotel is just as its name suggests, full of grace. Set high above the caldera basin, you’ll be challenged to find a better view in the world. Overlooking the stunning views of Venetian ruins, an endless horizon and islands off into the distance, this resort is nestled amongst the whitewashed glory Santorini is famous for. With no better place to reside than the turquoise waters of the stunning infinity pool that is placed so delicately over the Aegean, we dare you to grab your knees as you leap in.

Riad Yasmine

If you haven’t seen this pool before you must be living under a rock or you’re enjoying being unplugged to the world of social media. Pretty much every influencer from every corner of the globe has been hustling to get a photo at this spiritual escape. Located in Marrakesh, Morocco, its abundance of palm trees, comfy lounges and pretty colours, many people have dubbed this ethereal watering hole as the world's most photogenic pool. It may have even featured in one of our Sunday Somewhere escapes. Take our word for it, what a place to take a dip!


Text courtesy of Tahlia Shorter. Founder, Marketing Manager & all round girl boss at Tahlia Shorter Digital Marketing Agency.