Five ideas for your next out of office email when your on your next holiday

The best part of jetting off on annual leave is the ten minutes you spend before you rush out the door crafting a slightly passive aggressive sayonara out-of-office email. We’ve all done it. Guilty as charged. But most of us hit backspace and chicken out leaving us with the lame auto office responder that good old outlook put together for us. For those of you with a little more gusto, we’ve saved you the effort and word-magicked five out-of-office emails you can use next time your bidding your inbox farewell.

  1. Adios Amigos


I’m currently either:

  1. a) riding bulls
  2. b) dancing the flamenco or
  3. c) sipping on sangria

While I’d rather be attending to my inbox I hope you understand the importance of my current whereabouts.

Muchas gracias!

(Insert Name Here)

  1. Jet Setting

Hi there,

Thanks for dropping me a line. As you probably recall due to my incessant reminders 12 months in advance, I’m not in the country. I’m currently enjoying the sun exposure, the fresh air and awkward encounters with locals. If anything is urgent, please don’t contact me using any other form of communication. Someone will be manning my inbox and they will get back to you in due course. Otherwise, you will hear from me when (if) I return.


(Insert Name Here)

  1. Be Right Back

B- usy enjoying some peace and quiet

R- eally wish I could write back to you sooner

B- ut I’m entitled to 4 weeks annual leave a year


  1. Gone Missing 

MISSING: (Insert Name Here)

Last seen at (Insert workplace address) on (Insert last day you were at work). Reward for any information on her/his whereabouts. We appreciate your patience while we get to the bottom of the mysterious disappearance of (Insert First Name).

  1. Hold that thought

 Hello my valued client/customer,

Your email is super dooper important to me. But so is my sanity. So while I will would love to help you out right away, I’m currently enjoying some time away. Are you able to hold that thought for just (insert how many days/weeks)? If not, feel free to give one of my trusted colleagues a call. I’m sure they’d love to hear from you in my absence. Such a bummer I’m not there to help you out.

I appreciate your help while I recover from such a hard slog from working at (insert workplace name) for the last (insert time since last annual leave). I will be totally rejuvenated by the time I get back, you’ll be better off too.

Yours Truly,

(Insert Name Here)

We hope these far out suggestions inspire your creativity for your next out of office email. Even if you don’t have the guts to hit save, it’s fun to imagine leaving one of these as your next auto response.