How to Eat Like a Local

Planning a trip? Avoid spending your holiday dining at pricey, touristy restaurants for every meal. You can still experience the cultural heart of a new destination through authentic and homely meals that won’t cost a fortune. What you really want to do is eat like a local…

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To achieve this, you need to be doing your research. Approach your visit in the same way you would any new and fun places to eat at in your own city (where you are indeed the local). A quick Google search for “best place to brunch” is a great way to start. Try looking at places that have a review system, too.



Make connections, talk to people. Don’t hold back from saying 'hi' to the locals who can recommend their favourite spots. Talk to the shopkeepers, the taxi drivers or even people on the streets. Not only will you enrich your experience of a new city, you’ll also get to sample some local favourite food spots along the way.

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Never underestimate the power of social media, especially Instagram. Once you have received some suggestions from the locals, and the restaurant or shop on Instagram via location or search for their feed. This is a great way to see if it’s an atmosphere you like and what the food will look like!

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One of the best ways to and a place to eat is going down a beaten path sometimes. Wander around and follow your instincts. Go down a route that you think may lead to somewhere cool, a lot of times that’s exactly what you’ll find! If you see a place that looks endearing, feel free to go inside and get a feel of the place and take a look at the menu. You’re not obliged to eat there if you’re not feeling it, so if it doesn’t turn out to be somewhere you like, turn back and start again!

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