How to Unplug When Traveling

We are a digitally obsessed generation and the toll it’s having on our relationships, our mental health and our ability to be truly present is astonishing. That’s why your next adventure is the perfect excuse for a ‘Digital Detox’. Don’t be freaked out, you’ll be surprised at how enlightening it is (after the withdrawals) to unplug while you’re travelling. “No ‘Gram, No Worries” as they say… So, now that you’re coming around to the idea and understand the why, here is the how!

Just Do It
Quickly write a Facebook Status checking out temporarily, turn on your email autoresponder, send a message to your Mum and then, just turn your phone on airplane mode. Simple.

Don’t Touch It
Okay, this one is tad harder seeing as we use our phones as our cameras too, but if you don’t need it for that, just leave it in your suitcase, safely nested within the confines of your socks compartment. Super Simple.

 If You Can’t Resist
If you specifically want a holiday purely because you’re chasing a digital detox, then choose a destination that won’t even allow you to be tempted (because no matter how disciplined you are, it will be tempting). Go somewhere like Cuba, where reliable wifi and data aren’t even an option. Sometimes you just have to remove your options. Super, super simple.
Honestly, you will find a digital detox to be the cleanse you’ve been seeking. You won’t miss much, we promise. When you’re travelling, you should be travelling. Use the opportunity to be present in your trip, the memories you’re making and the people you’re meeting. Not to be answering Karen from Customer Service’s email about the procedure of ordering staples from the stationary supplier.