How to use the Gentleman’s Brand Co. Face Essentials kit.

Every guy knows they should be taking care of their face, and most of us do. We do it in an inconsistent and haphazard way.

The Face Essentials kit, which includes our 250ml Face Wash, 125ml Face Scrub and 60ml Face Serum, is a simple, easy to use routine for Men to maintain their skin – keeping them looking and feeling great.

The kit centres around a balance of cleansing and smoothing the skin, maintaining moisture and appearance. Each product uses native Australian active botanicals to deliver great results.

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The Face Wash is used twice daily – Once in the morning to give you clean skin and again in the evening to remove the accumulation of dirt and grime from a day spent outdoors or in the office. It’s a gentle formulation that won’t strip your skin of natural oils necessary for a healthy appearance.

Tip - Whilst in the shower, rinse your face and take two pumps of the Face Wash into the palm of your hand. Create a lather between your hands and begin to work the lather around your face applying very light pressure. Make sure you work into the nooks, such as around the nose. Rinse with cool water. You can do this morning and night.

The Face Serum is a light moisturiser and should be used as such. Formulated as a facial moisturiser, this nourishing serum should be applied gently to restore moisture and add a layer of protection before venturing out for the day or as a restorative addition before bed. Our Face Serum will leave your skin feeling light and refreshed.

Tip - After washing or exfoliating your face, apply 2-3 pumps of our Face Serum to the fingertips. Gently dab and massage the serum around your face, being careful to achieve complete coverage.

Once every few days you’ll use our Face Scrub. The scrub is a light Grapefruit exfoliant, and it’s great for keep the skin smooth by removing dead skin cells. It achieves a deeper clean due to the Pumace Stone, so it shouldn’t be used everyday.

Tip - Squeeze a small amount onto the fingertips, gently working the product into your skin. Very little pressure is needed to maximise the effectiveness of the product. Rinse with cool water, pat-dry with a clean towel and apply the Face Serum as directed above. 

This simple routine will keep your skin healthy and looking great with a very small amount of effort.