In your time.
How to travel on a one way ticket.

Sunday Somewhere | Morocco

In your time. How to travel on a one way ticket. 

If you’re itching to break free from the mundane to indulge your globetrotting thirst you’ve probably considered the idea of travelling on a one-way ticket. After all that’s the ultimate wanderlusty experience, right? Humans have a love-hate relationship with the unknown but when it comes to travelling it can be practical and freeing.

Even if it does cost a little more, it just makes sense to hitch a one way flight. Who knows when you’ll be coming home or where you’ll be when you decide it’s time to board that plane. With all the benefits just trying to leap off this page, there are some realistic things you need to take into account before you take the plunge.

 Sunday Somewhere | Morocco

Have the right cover

After you’ve purchased your one way ticket make sure you have good travel insurance that will allow you to either add on more days or just cover yourself for longer than required. As the saying goes, you’d rather be safe than sorry. You probably won’t remember how long you were covered for until you find yourself sitting in a hospital room two days after your travel insurance expired.

Sunday Somewhere | Morocco

Don’t openly admit you have a one way flight

Immigration and security officials can deny you access to the flight or send you straight back home if they know you’re on a one way ticket. Chances are they won’t ask but it is officially their duty to, so be prepared with proof of some sort of onward travel. Generally speaking the only thing they ask you to fill out is the date you intend on leaving on those little slips the air-hostesses give you. Whatever you do, don’t leave that question blank.

Sunday Somewhere | Morocco

Proof is in the pudding

If you do get asked to provide proof of onward travel (which you may very well do) you can tell them that you have a bus or train ticket out of the country. Research companies that leave the country before arriving at the airport; sometimes the tickets for those buses are so cheap you’re almost best off getting a ticket and never using it. You can also get itineraries made up for free by travel agents that you can take with you as proof you have plans. Immigration won’t be able to tell if you have actually booked and paid for the items on the itinerary. The intention is not to mislead but rather to avoid potential conflict.

 Sunday Somewhere | Morocco

Back-up plan

If all else fails and they need more from you and you don’t want to be sent home you may have to buy a return flight for a few weeks/months down the track on the spot. Be prepared and have money ready for this. If you can’t afford that flight home it will give them more ammunition to turn you right around without giving you the chance to collect a postcard let alone see the city. It’s a good idea to research beforehand an airline that can amend your flight easily (and with little cost) if you want to change your flight later.

 Sunday Somewhere | Morocco

Take a map

No-one wants to lug around a huge wad of paper maps and data-roaming can be expensive. Sometimes it’s easier to buy a pay-as-you-go SIM card wherever you land but another good option is to download maps before you go. Navmii is free and doesn’t use your data, instead working off GPS. It works as a proper satnav if you end up renting a vehicle or you can just use it to find your way back to your hotel on foot if you get lost.

Sunday Somewhere | Morocco 

Always have a good cash reserve

Mo money mo problems, right? Wrong! Whether you’re on a one way ticket or not you need to always some spare cash ready to book a last minute flight home. Stuff happens and you need to always be in a position to get your backpack and unwashed denims onto an airplane seat and into the in-flight entertainment.

 Sunday Somewhere | Morocco

In case any or all of the above occurs, regardless of what situation you find yourself in; when it comes to travel just make sure you always leave yourself plenty of time. If the airport officials hold you up for long enough you may miss your flight. Get there early, you will have time to relax, grab a coffee and read your magazine once you’re through. Making it through the airport (at both ends) is only the beginning of the thrill seeking adventure you’re about to embark on.

Text courtesy of Tahlia Shorter

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