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Why traveling without an itinerary always leads to more fun 

They say preparation is everything when travelling, but is that true really? In the sense of bringing your passport and being on time for your flight: prepare! But for the rest: keep your itinerary open. Here are 4 reasons why travelling spontaneous is more fun.

1. No stress

Isn’t one of the main reasons we travel to break free of our daily routine? This time is for you. I’ve often found that having a tight itinerary actually leads to MORE stress than less. That’s for the simple fact that the time you estimate to get somewhere is wrong, or you’re having a great time at a place where you have to leave too soon. Bottom line: no itinerary means that you can explore at your own pace and let your mood decide what to do day by day.

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2. Open to other people

Travelling with no itinerary means you can free time for cool people you meet along the way. Which is almost always the case when travelling! Look back at your travels from the last 10 years. What memories stick most? If you’re anything like me, it’s always the ones that were spontaneous AND with strangers that soon became friends. Often you’ll find that people you meet have even better ideas to do than you had in the first place anyway.

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3. You go to places you’ve never been before

Internet and blogs are great to get an idea of what to do in a place, but you can only get the REAL taste of a destination if you allow yourself to wander around without purpose. Hop on a random bus. Walk in that small alleyway. Drink, eat, explore and live like a local.

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4. Enjoy more

When you have an itinerary, travelling feels a little like ticking off a to-do list. I mean, sure, this might be your bucketlist but still. Without that list you take off the pressure of having to do this or that, the classic #FOMO ‘fear of missing out’ our generation suffers so deeply from. Allowing yourself to live in the here and now is liberating!

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So yeah, for your next travels: ditch that itinerary and go with the flow. You’ll be guaranteed to have more fun!

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All photos & text courtesy of @FashionContainer & @TatianeKozijne

Malena Permentier and Tatiane Kozijn are the dreamy duo behind Fashion Container. With a love for travel and a true passion for discovering new places these likeminded nomads are all about living in the moment. Read more about their adventures here:

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