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With Mother’s Day just around the corner we wanted to share a few mums we find inspiring. Mums are the real-life super heroes who help to shape the people we become.  Woman may run the world, but mothers keep us on top!

Beyoncé - A truly hard-working mother, Queen B didn't even take a break from touring the world or recording songs and an entire album while pregnant with Blue Ivy. 

Charlize Theron – On top of receiving several accolades as an actress including an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award, this super mum of two is also an activist fighting for women’s rights and health worldwide.

Jessica Alba – Launching her non-toxic baby and beach company the same year her second daughter Haven was born; this entrepreneur mother continues to do good for mother’s around the world.


Gal Galdot – This mother is all about female empowerment (guess it helps that she is Wonder Woman) as a woman in Hollywood herself she is very aware as to how the industry treats women and has made it her goal to express this empowerment & independence through her work in film.



Teresa Palmer – A woman who isn’t just limited to the title of ‘mother’ she is a woman of many roles including; actress, wife, model and activist. Teresa co-founded a parenting website, ‘Your Zen Mama’ which has given her the title of poster woman for the modern mother.

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