When it comes to eyewear there is no man as iconic as Sir Elton John. His outrageous style and fashion sense is always perfectly paired with some stunning and unique frames.

As a team we went to see the new Elton John biopic, Rocketman. Not only did we see this film as a team to get inspired by one of music and fashion’s living legions but also because we are honoured to have a few of our SUNDAY SOMEWHERE frames featured in the film! While watching the film we were on constant alert for some SUNDAY screen time. Here’s the SS frames we were able to spy:


Not only was it amazing to see pieces of our own collection on the big screen but all the other frames featured in the film were equally as beautiful and eye-catching as the next. I think we can all agree we came out of the film feeling inspired and moved by Elton’s story (not to mention we now can’t stop listening to the movie soundtrack!) If you’re looking for something to-do this weekend, we 100% recommend seeing Rocketman!