Self Care Is Not Selfish

Self Care is not Selfish - Why Wellness Retreats Are Worth Every Penny

Living the everyday grind can dejectedly lead us into oblivion, where we consign to dismiss ourselves and centre our focus on the population that encompasses our being. Whether having spent countless stretches of eternity in the realm of a drivelling industry or in the space of your domestic digs, it’s time to conscientiously tend to your true self and disappear into a separate cosmos so you can revitalise and purify the soul.

Traversing the globe to take a modest step into an amicable and all-peaceful wellness retreat may be just what your psyche is insatiably longing for, and by no means should you see it as egoistic or selfish.

Over the years, wellness retreats have interchanged the customary, run-of-the-mill vacation as a greater magnitude of restless, overloaded individuals look to finally lay down the law and take charge of their own body’s health. But let’s face it – turning away from life’s daily responsibilities and routines, even for just a paltry few days, can be a sizable challenge. But detaching from the weighted trappings of life that drain energy and spirit, and instead fixating on the things that rejuvenate and give restitution can be profound. When you pack those bags, and allure the mind for a holiday where self-care is the cornerstone, you unequivocally immerse yourself in an intimate experience that is designed to connect you back with yourself, and fulfil you, first.

Whatever the price, folding in to relinquish to a resplendent wellness retreat in a part of the world you’ve always dreamed of visiting, will be one of the most capacious stepping stones you’ve ever placed your foot on. Resetting the clock on yourself, and travelling outside your comfort zone, opens up the mind and creates opportunities.

Distance and difference are the secret tonic to wellness.

Credit: Tahlia Shorter

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