To daydream.
5 Books to read on your next holiday.

To daydream. 5 Books to read on your next holiday.

While we love the idea of being big readers – the sort with a selection of chic reading glasses and a sun-dappled armchair – it’s a luxury that often falls off our to-do lists. That’s why you’ll always find a book in our suitcase; holiday reading gives you a double dose of adventure and inspiration, with the added indulgence of leisure time.

Whether lounging on a pool chaise with a cocktail, hiking through highlands or shopping in the big smoke, we’ve scoured our bookshelves to find you the right read. Daydream yourself out of reality with these favourite tomes. We’ve matched them to any escapade you may find yourself on. Bon voyage et bonne lecture!

When reading by the light of the stars…

Well, you can’t actually read by the light of the stars, but if you find yourself in the middle of nowhere with nothing but a tent, a fire and (hopefully) a torch, this is the moment to dig into Kazuo Ishiguro’s Nocturnes. The enchanting quintet of short stories will pull at your heart strings and remind you that it’s joyful simply to be alive.

When lying by a pool…

If your holidays are for pure indulgence, relax with Sarah Turnbull’s Almost French, a delicious account of Francophilia. It will make you laugh out loud, think about moving to Paris, talk you out of moving to Paris and inspire you to pen your own travel memoir. How else will you afford the next trip?

When resting your feet…

Escaping to a new city can be anything you want it to be: frantic, glamorous, gluttonous… Regardless, all that walking and sightseeing is bound to be exhausting. Rest up and open E.B. White’s Here Is New York, a beautiful portrait of the world’s most famous city. Follow his nostalgic tour around the city he used to know, thinking how the passage of time might change your own hometown.

When après-skiing…

If your ideal holiday involves cold slopes and warm drinks, you’ll no doubt spend some time in front of a fire. Rest your weary bones in a plush armchair and dive into Paul Kalanithi’s When Breath Becomes Air. An extraordinary tale of life and death, you’ll never be more inspired nor more publicly teary.

When in Rome…

… Or just in Italy, it’s time to finally catch #FerranteFever and read Elena Ferrante’s My Brilliant Friend. A deep dive into the wonders of female friendship with trimmings of dolce vita, this is the perfect book to complement your own Italian adventures.


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