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Take a Tour

There’s nothing wrong with actually being a tourist for once. Take advantage of your spirit of enquiry and wide-eyed wonder by joining a local tour group. Use this time to ask all your questions about how to live like a local but whilst also bonding with fellow solo travellers who are in the same boat as you. Joining a tour allows you to be part of group where you will be eating and engaging with them throughout the day. Be inquisitive and ask questions as an easy way to spur up conversation - there’s bound to be a couple of people you’ll hit it off with!

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Offer to Take a Picture

Whilst we’re still acting like a tourist, make your way down to a popular tourist spot as this is a guaranteed place to find fellow nomads there. There’s a good likelihood you’ll spot another solo traveller attempting to take a selfie. Use this as an opportunity to take their picture for them and from there you can find out if they wouldn’t mind hanging out. If they’re alone like you, you can buddy up with each other for the day or if they’re with other people, they can help introduce to a wider group.

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Go to Restaurants with Shared Tables

Communal tables are made for sharing. A lot of restaurants have seating arrangements where you are put with other people which is a perfect way to get to know new people.

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Making the Most Out of your Airbnb

We all know the convenience of Airbnb for trips around the world. Your Airbnb host is almost like your very own personal tour guide. Obviously, some hosts may be friendlier than others, but some may go above and beyond. Converse with them so they can warm up your personality on a friendlier level rather than just as a tourist. This gives you more of an opportunity of them inviting you out with them.

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Form a Routine

If you’re staying somewhere for a prolonged amount of time, get in to the swing of having a routine. Go to the same coffee shop, the same grocery stores, same bar or restaurant. You’ll start to begin to recognise fellow regulars which will make you more comfortable in sparking conversation.

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