With summer in full swing in the Northern Hemisphere now is the time to start the hunt for the perfect sunglasses! When it comes to finding the ideal frame for summer it’s important to keep in mind that it’s not all about fashion (although we realise that’s very important too). Of course, your new sunnies need to look ace, but they also need to protect your eyes from the sun’s UV rays.

There are quite a few misconceptions about if different lenses offer different levels of UV protection. Don’t be fooled by dark lenses! The darker the lens does not mean that it has more UV protection. It may decrease the amount of visible light that passes through compared to lighter lenses, but it doesn’t necessarily provide greater protection from the sun’s UV rays. Lucky for you all the sunglasses we offer have 100% UV protection! Your eyes will be well dressed and protected from those UV rays. 

You may notice while doing your Sunday afternoon online shopping there are a few different lens categories for various styles of sunglasses. These categories are a measure of how much light is absorbed by the lenses. Here’s a quick run through of what each category means: 

Category 1: These sunglasses provide limited sun glare reduction but are still efficient at protecting our eyes against UV rays.

Category 2: This category will provide you with a medium level of sun glare reduction and of course UV protection, a category we are happy to offer among our collection. They are suitable to wear for your everyday sunny adventures and help to absorb 82% of light.

Category 3: Proving a high level of sun glare reduction and UV protection, another category we offer throughout our collection. This category is suitable to wear in the snowy mountain tops or by the sea in south Europe absorbing 92% of light.